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Free for First Listing

As a GoHome member, if it is your first time to post your listing while you have verified your contact number, you can post your listing for free once.

Instant receipt of Inquiries

Instant receipt of inquiries when potential buyers send message to you through GoHome.com.hk, you will instantly receive the message through email and SMS. It provides a quick and easy way for you to reach the potential buyers

Protect Your Privacy

After postiing your listing, you can choose if the personal information, such as contact number, email, etc. is disclosed based on your own preference.
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Fee & Valid Period ( Payment Method ) HK$100 / 90 days
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(Only HK$3.3 for a day)
Display Position Show after Deluxe Listing in the search result
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Renewal Discount HK$50 / 90 days
(Only HK$0.55 for a day)
HK$150 / 90 days
(Only HK$1.6 for a day)
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